Evan Rachel Wood claims she was 'actually tripping' on movie set

Evan Rachel Wood has claimed she was "actually tripping" on the set of Across the Universe.

The actress confided she and co-star Jim Sturgess were on psychedelic drugs when they made their 2007 Beatles-themed film Across the Universe.

Evan, 36, shared the news in a video message for an audience watching a special screening of the musical movie in Los Angeles. She was unable to be present for the event, explaining she was "recovering from a knee injury and not going anywhere".

"They told me to share a funny story or moment from when we were on set," she said. "Well, I'll just say this: During the I Am the Walrus scene, any moment you see myself and Jim Sturgess, we are actually tripping."

The scene in question features Evan and Jim's characters in a nightclub, with U2 lead singer Bono performing the Beatles song I Am the Walrus, and is characterised by swirling colours and patterns to suggest the pair have taken hallucinogenic drugs.

Evan also revealed the film's director Julie Taymor had no idea she and Jim, 46, were not sober for the scene.

"When I told her that later on, she said, 'Oh. That makes sense!'" she said.