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21. ‘The Incredible Hulk’ (2008)

Louis Letterrier’s take on Bruce Banner (this time played by Edward Norton) is arguably the best Hulk solo film but it’s still not great. Lacking the depth and scripting quality we’ve come to associate with modern Marvel flicks, The Incredible Hulk might as well have been called The Interminable Hulk.

Every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie ranked from worst to best

Since 2008, Marvel Studios’ cinematic output has gone from strength to strength. Starting with Robert Downey Jr.’s franchise-defining turn in Iron Man the studio, now owned by Disney, has 21 movies under its belt with Captain Marvel the latest to reach cinemas.

Debate rages over what the best (and subsequently worst) Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are, particularly among Yahoo Movies UK’s trusted contributors who all submitted wildly varying rankings.

Here’s how we ranked every MCU movie to date.

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