Everyone who DEFINITELY survived Infinity War


Warning: Contains spoilers for Ant-Man and The Wasp.

While Avengers: Infinity War was mainly noted for how many heroes were instantly wiped out at the climax, there were also some survivors who will live on to (hopefully) revive their lost pals.

As time goes on, the image of exactly who is still out there becomes clearer. Here are all the key MCU characters who are confirmed to be alive and ready for some Avengers 4 action. Well, most of them...

Iron Man

Last sighted: Titan
There weren't many people left on Thanos' graveyard-like home planet of Titan after the Infinity Snap, but luckily for Marvel's continued box-office draw, Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark was one of them (for now).

(Disney - Marvel Studios)
4th: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Total: 50m 45s of 2hrs 16m (37.31% of running time)

Gamora appears for 24m (scroll down for more)

Mantis appears for 11m

Nebula appears for 10m 30s

Ayesha appears for 3m 30s

Meredith Quill appears for 1m 30s

Aleta Ogord appears for 15s

(Marvel Studios)
Captain America

Last sighted: Wakanda
Cap had finally been reunited with his long-lost love, Bucky, only to watch him collapse into ash.

(Disney - Marvel Studios)

Last sighted: Wakanda
Okoye might be almost as upset as Cap, having just seen her king reduced to nothing.

(Marvel Studios)

Last sighted: The Statesman
Valkyrie was confirmed to have the Asgardian refugees' spaceship during Thanos' attack at the beginning of Infinity War. Actress Tessa Thompson has also confirmed that she survived the Snap – and she's been seen on set for Avengers 4, too.

Black Widow

Last sighted: Wakanda
Natasha is still around to comfort Steve Rogers about Bucky. It's like Captain America: The Winter Soldier all over again.

(Marvel Studios)
Rocket Raccoon

Last sighted: Wakanda
Rocket has finally united the Guardians with the Avengers. Shame he's the only proper member left alive.


Last sighted: Wakanda
We didn't see her after her fight with Corvus Glaive in her lab, but Letitia Wright's Shuri has been confirmed to be still alive by her on-screen mum, Angela Bassett.

(Marvel Studios)

Last sighted: Wakanda
Bassett also revealed that her own character, the queen mother Ramonda, is still alive, though she hasn't been seen since Black Panther.


Last sighted: Wakanda
T'Challa rival-turned-ally M'Baku was another Wakandan left alive after Thanos' invasion.

Bruce Banner

Last sighted: Wakanda
The Hulk is basically in hiding from Thanos, but his alter ego is still alive and kicking.


Last sighted: The Quantum Realm
The Ant-Man and the Wasp mid-credits scene left Scott Lang stranded in the Quantum Realm after his allies were all erased by Thanos. How will he get out?

The Grandmaster

Last sighted: Sakaar
We're taking this with a pinch of salt, but Jeff Goldblum definitely assured us that his villain is still among the living.

(Marvel Studios)

Last sighted: Wakanda
Thor will be feeling pretty sore after showing up in Wakanda just in time to not stop Thanos.

War Machine

Last sighted: Wakanda
After the injuries he took in Captain America: Civil War, it seems only fair that Rhodey should be one of the heroes spared after the Wakanda battle.

(Marvel Studios)
May Parker

Last sighted: Parker Residence, Queens

Director Anthony Russo confirmed that Aunt May was not erased by Thanos. Presumably she's back in Queens, waiting for her nephew to return. *sob*

16th: Iron Man 2

Total 28m 15s of 2hrs 4m (35.03% of running time)

Pepper Potts appears for 17m 30s (scroll down for more)

Natasha Romanoff appears for 9m 15s

Christine Everhart appears for 1m 30s

(Marvel Studios)
Howard the Duck

Last sighted: Contraxia
And it's not just Aunt May. Joe Russo revealed that Guardians of the Galaxy Easter egg character Howard the Duck endures. Just in time for a reboot movie, perhaps?


Last seen: San Francisco
Ant-Man's hacker-pal-turned-business-associate Kurt is still alive possibly thanks to his hair(?). Actor David Dastmalchian said that Marvel has officially confirmed that his character wasn't erased.

Everett Ross

Last seen: United Nations (Vienna)
Although not altogether confirmed, Martin Freeman was apparently given the impression by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige that his CIA agent character would survive the Snap.

Darryl Jacobson

Last seen: In the office
To be honest, we're not entirely sure of the canonicity of Thor's post-Age of Ultron roommate, but we can at least confirm that he's been seen alive and well since Infinity War – although he's working hard to make up for all his vanished colleagues and is still rolling in debt. Thor, send help!

Dr Erik Selvig and Darcy Lewis

Last sighted: New York
A new Marvel novel – which hasn't officially been called canon – follows Dr Selvig and Darcy after the Snap has taken place, with the duo trying to work out what happened. No word on Darcy's boyfriend though. Sorry.

(Marvel Studios)
Jane Foster

Last sighted: London
The same novel sees Dr Selvig and Darcy meet up with Jane Foster, marking her first appearance since Thor: The Dark World. Could she be a surprise ally in Avengers 4?

(Marvel Studios)

Last sighted: Chillin'
Having fled Wakanda after his victory, Thanos teleported to an unknown planet where he settled down to watch the sun come up. He might have won, but this probably isn't the last we'll see of him.


Hawkeye, Wong, Sharon Carter, The Collector, Ned Leeds, Michelle, Nakia, Happy Hogan.


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