The Controversial "Inaccessible Landing" Home Trend Has Taken Over My Timeline, And I Bet You Hate It Too

There are a few home design trends that consistently generate intense online debate.

The exterior and front yard of a house with a porch
Kenwiedemann / Getty Images

Everyone seems to have an opinion on gray flooring.

Close-up of gray hardwood flooring
Kobzev3179 / Getty Images

People seem to be passionately divided about painted brick.

Beige exposed brick wall paneling
Olena Vasylieva / Getty Images

And I feel like there's always talk about how much people hate glass shower panels.

Arrow pointing to a glass shower door

I, for one, am a fan!

John Keeble / Getty Images

Right now, there's a design trend everyone is talking about that I never even thought about before.

A row of suburban houses
Kirpal Kooner / Getty Images

Alan Corey shared one of his "least-liked" design elements of suburban designs, and it's this:

Twitter: @RealEstateMaxi

The inaccessible foyer landing:

Twitter: @DarkSkynet

Which, honestly, what a waste of space!

Overhead view of an inaccessible foyer landing above the front door

Some people responded to the post with how they decorated their own landing...

This person put an illuminated longhorn skull on theirs:

Twitter: @brianerb

This person decorated it with a plant:

Twitter: @theantiherokate

And this person made it into a fort:

Twitter: @colemanm

Then things got a bit wild, with people offering up their own suggestions...

...the most obvious being a Chuck E. Cheese animatronic band:

Twitter: @chillextremist

This person said a Stanley tumbler display room:

Twitter: @skylarromines

Chipotle suggested a burrito filling station:

Twitter: @ChipotleTweets

Then there was a Chili's:

Twitter: @StoolieMemes

The Chicago cop slide:

Twitter: @pyrameadhead

An action figure display room:

Twitter: @CooperHillier

Taylor Swift and some dancers:

Twitter: @VIsOnCorneliaSt

A little hangout for your friends:

Twitter: @SopranosWorld

A hidden treasure box:

Twitter: @Reecee_yt

A One Direction shrine:

Twitter: @cherrypascal

And lastly, a Spirit Halloween store:

Twitter: @cumuncher

Ultimately, this is one of those things I'm pretty sure we can ALL agree is a home design trend that should NEVER exist in the first place.

Another view of the inaccessible landing