Everyone's Talking About 'Madame Web’ with Dakota Johnson — Here's How to Watch It

dakota johnson, sydney sweeney and isabela merced in 'madame web'
Where to Watch and Stream 'Madame Web'Courtesy of IMDb

It's been hard to miss news about Marvel's latest superhero installment Madame Web, or more so, the conversation about the very mixed, albeit poor, reviews that the Sony-produced film (in collaboration with Marvel) has received. But that hasn't stopped fans from wanting to watch it anyway — after all, you can't always trust everyone else's opinions.

The Dakota Johnson-led comic-based movie, which also stars Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced, Celeste O'Connor, Tahar Rahim, Emma Roberts and Adam Scott, follows Cassandra Web (Dakota), a New York City paramedic who develops supernatural powers and shows signs of being clairvoyant, telepathic and psychic among other things. She must use her new powers to protect three strangers from a mysterious villain who wants them dead.

Ready to break out the popcorn and judge the movie for yourself? Here's everywhere you can watch it.

How to watch and stream Madame Web

'madame web' movie poster
Courtesy of IMDb

As of now, you can only see Madame Web in theaters. The movie, which premiered on February 14, should be available for screening in most if not all movies theaters, but as always, make sure to check your local theater listings for specific showings.

Although the Marvel movie is only available to watch in theaters, it is expected to be available on certain streaming apps. But because this film was not produced by Marvel, it likely won't live with the other movies on Disney+. Instead, Decider notes that it will air on Netflix thanks to a deal that was struck between the platform and Sony in 2021.

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