Everything Everywhere All at Once has become studio A24's highest-grossing movie globally

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Photo credit: A24
Photo credit: A24

Everything Everywhere All at Once, the multiverse martial arts family drama-comedy, has just set another box office record.

After becoming indie studio A24's biggest-ever hit in the US last month, the critically beloved film has now officially become A24's biggest hit worldwide too – and it hasn't even been released in every territory or wrapped up its theatrical run yet.

Deadline reports that the film has overtaken Hereditary's $80.2 million with a worldwide box office taking of $80.9 million and rising, with releases in Japan, France, Italy and all of Latin America to go.

Photo credit: A24
Photo credit: A24

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North America has been the biggest audience for Everything Everywhere, providing 76% of its revenue at $61.5 million, while the United Kingdom follows behind at $5 million. It is projected to hit the $70 million mark in the US by the end of its run.

If you're worried you won't get the time to see this one in the cinemas, there's good news as it's already available to rent digitally in the UK (and to pre-order physically in the US). The digital release also comes with a change from the theatrical version: Jenny Slate's character is no longer credited as 'Big Nose'.

Speaking about the unfortunate naming of the character, directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert told Digital Spy: "In China whenever a white person comes in, it's something they might say.

Photo credit: A24
Photo credit: A24

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"It's simultaneously because for some reason China – like [other] Asian cultures – fetishise the big nose, they want a big nose and it's also kind of mean-spirited. It's a very strange, negging thing that we do. Of course, the Jewish community could totally interpret it [as anti-Semitic]... It's something we're actually going to be changing for the digital release."

Everything Everywhere All at Once is still showing in certain cinemas and is available to rent digitally now.

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