Ewan McGregor unrecognisable with new look

Ginger-blond actor emerges from salon in West Hollywood with black hair and 'tache

Is that you, Ewan?

Ewan McGregor has been rendered almost unrecognisable with this new black hair and drooping moustache combo.

McGregor... unrecognisable with new black hair and moustache (Copyright: Splash)

The actor was snapped emerging from a salon in West Hollywood, before riding off on his motorbike, having jettisoned his ginger-tinged natural colour.

It's thought that the black hair and matching 'tache are in aid of his role as the lead antagonist in beleaguered western 'Jane Got A Gun'.

Ewan... set for Natalie Portman's new western (Copyright: Splash)

He is filling the role made vacant by Bradley Cooper, who himself had filled after Jude Law quit the production.

Law was replacing Michael Fassbender, who quit before shooting began... only for its original director Lynne Ramsay to quit on the day she was set to start principal photography.

Biker... McGregor ditches usual ginger-blond look (Copyright: Splash)

Joel Edgerton will now star opposite McGregor, as the ex-lover of Natalie Portman's character, who he helps fend off a team of outlaws.

Portman is also producing the picture, with 'Warrior' helmsman Gavin O'Connor having stepped in to direct.

Cooper said of his departure: “Everything worked out for the best because they got Ewan McGregor. If they could have gotten him at the outset, I would have never gotten offered the role, I'll tell you that.”