Ewan McGregor: I waited my whole career to work with Ethan Hawke

Ewan McGregor said he has waited his whole career to work with American movie star Ethan Hawke.

The actors, both 51, began their careers more than 30 years ago when McGregor won a Scottish Bafta for 1996 film Trainspotting and Hawke had a break-out performance in Dead Poets Society in 1989.

They have never done a project together before starring in upcoming film Raymond And Ray, where they play half-brothers who are reunited at the funeral of their father, with whom both had a less-than-ideal relationship.

Star Wars actor McGregor told PA news agency his “dream has come true” after “waiting to work with Ethan throughout my whole career”.

Ethan Hawke
Ethan Hawke also stars in Raymond And Ray (Yui Mok/PA)

McGregor added: “Right at the beginning of my career, I was a mate of Jude Law’s, and when Jude worked with Ethan on Gattaca, back in the 90s, it was a big deal…And I felt for sure that, or hoped very much, that I would work with Ethan next.

“We were all starting out round about the same time. It’s just taken an awful long time for it to happen.”

Hawke said being able to star opposite McGregor was “worth the wait”.

He told PA: “To really get a chance to play brothers, with somebody who you really view as a kindred spirit, who is a brother of sorts of the profession. So it was worth the wait.”

Virgin Media BAFTA TV Awards 2021 – Arrivals – London
Sophie Okonedo (Ian West/PA)

British actress Sophie Okonedo said she saw Hawke and McGregor become friends while starring in the film.

The 54-year-old said: “I think they really got on with each other. I think they really made friends.

“I think they knew each other a bit before, but not that much. But you could really see, you could watch through the movie that they just got on so well.”

Spanish actress Maribel Verdu, 52, also said: “(Hawke and McGregor) are so great.

“So easy-going people, so down to earth, they joke all the time telling the stories, anecdotes, and they create an incredible atmosphere.”

Raymond And Ray is set to be available on Apple+ and in cinemas on October 21.