Exclusive: Elijah Wood as terrifying Maniac killer

‘I’ve always worked alone…’

Remember when Elijah Wood was shocking as serial killer Kevin in ‘Sin City’? Well his quest to ditch the rings has gone one further, with new intense slasher ‘Maniac’.

Check out just how un-Frodo he’s gone, with our exclusive creepy clip above.

“Is that real hair? What is it?” asks Nora Arnezeder about a homemade gift from Woods.

“I believe it’s horse hair…” he says.

No it’s not! Take it off, take it off!

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Elijah plays Frank, a disturbed loner who lives with his mother, Angela (America Olivo). Soon after his mother’s death, Frank embarks on a killing spree of young women - keeping their scalps as trophies. However when he meets young artist Anna (Nora Arnezeder), he begins to struggle for what he really wants: real love, or another scalp.

Elijah with Sean Astin in The Lord Of The Rings (Credit: New Line Cinema)
‘Maniac’, a remake of the cult 1980 horror of the same name, is ‘Lord Of The Rings’ star Wood’s first significant leading role since 2005 football hooligan flick ‘Green Street’. The 32 year-old has spent the past few years doing penguin-esque voice work for ‘Happy Feet’ or appearing in indie shorts.

‘Maniac’ presents a chance for Wood to finally slay the Frodo typecast that has stalked his career.

He’s certainly got us creeped out. Can you hear the Vincent Price in his voice?

‘Maniac’, directed by Franck Khalfoun, is out in the UK 15 March 2013.