Exclusive: Star Trek Into Darkness clip: Disruption

Cumberbatch gives us the cold rundown on Kirk.

Benedict Cumberbatch has taken his brooding-bad-guy-thing up a notch, in this brand new viral trailer for ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’, lovingly titled ‘Disruption’.

“James Tiberius Kirk. The heart of the Enterprise,” Cumberbatch begins, narrating a creepy character analysis of Chris Pine’s Starfleet captain, “The overly confident leader, fueled by bravado…”

“He is making a mistake that will get his entire crew killed. And I will make sure of it.”

He’s certainly got a way with words that Cumberbatch…

Check out the clip above, exclusive to Yahoo! Movies. 

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As with some of the Trek sequel’s full-length trailers, Cumberbatch’s villain John Harrison menaces his way through the dialogue with calculated British tones. Just so we know he means well-spoken business.

If this all goes to plan, Cumberbatch could be up for joining Alan Rickman as the most ridiculously evil Brit in movies.

But we’d be proud though, secretly.

‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ is out in the UK on 9 May