Exclusive: Creed 3's Tessa Thompson and Michael B Jordan went to couples therapy

Creed III duo Tessa Thompson and Michael B Jordan decided to attend couples therapy in preparation for their latest boxing drama.

Reprising their roles as Bianca Taylor and Adonis Creed on the big screen — characters they first played eight years ago in the Rocky spin-off Creed — the action movie sees the couple in murkier emotional territory than fans are used to.

"We even did an interesting experiment which is that Mike and I went to therapy together as Bianca and Adonis, because we just wanted to see what that felt like as a couple that is many years into a relationship," Thompson exclusively told Digital Spy.

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"When we first meet [Adonis in Creed III], he's in retirement. And Bianca has sort of shifted her focus from being a recording artist and a performing artist to being a producer. So I was really curious about that," she added.

"What that does to the both of them and then what it does to the relationship — also being parents, what that does to intimacy. I don't have kids but have friends that do and I hear what that can do to intimacy.

"And so we really wanted to talk about those things, but I think we have to be intentional because it has to feel like a texture, even if we don't have like a tonne of space to talk about it in the context of the film, so a lot of that work we did in rehearsal."

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Thompson, whose other major credits include Westworld and Annihilation, also spoke to us about the collaborative nature of making Creed movies.

"One thing I love about playing this character is I feel like I've always been invited to really be a co-author and to get to come in and really give a lot of ideas to the writers and to, you know, whoever is directing at the time about what I think she might be doing or saying or thinking about," she shared.

Creed III hits cinemas this Friday (March 3).

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