Exclusive: A Quiet Place Part II star felt "more pressure" making horror sequel

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Photo credit: Paramount
Photo credit: Paramount

A Quiet Place Part II star Millicent Simmonds has revealed that she felt "more pressure" making the sequel.

The first movie was a huge hit with critical acclaim and more than $340 million at the box office. Its ending also had fans wary over a sequel and the need to continue the story, and Simmonds felt the same worries.

"I think we all felt more pressure to make this one just as good if not better. I think we achieved that. I'm so proud of this one," she told Digital Spy.

A Quiet Place Part II sees the Abbott family head out into the world after the events of the first movie. Regan (Simmonds) takes on a bigger role as she's determined to help others with what they know about how they can defeat the aliens.

Photo credit: Paramount
Photo credit: Paramount

Simmonds knew from the get-go that Regan would be a major part of the sequel's plot, but noted that John Krasinski – who takes sole writing credit this time around, as well as directing – was always there for feedback.

"I was terrified, and then excited! John [Krasinski] facetimed me and told me the whole story. It took him 45 minutes. I could see the movie. My mom and I were terrified just listening to him tell it. I was in after the opening scene," she recalled.

"John is very helpful and really takes the time to walk you through the emotions behind every scene. He really tried to put you in the mindset that your character is feeling at that moment.

"We always had a minute to go through and talk about the interactions the different characters would be having and he was always open to suggestions. I think being an actor gives him that advantage."

Photo credit: Paramount
Photo credit: Paramount

The bigger role for Regan also meant that Simmonds was involved in more action set pieces, which came with their own unique challenges.

"Timing was a huge piece of getting everything right. When things are blowing up behind you, a street light is falling down in front of you or a metal claw is tearing through the top of a car that you're in, I felt timing for me was the biggest challenge," she explained.

"Because I couldn't hear the cues, I had to rely heavily on what other people were doing and what was going on around me [and] at the same time acting terrified."

And if you're wondering how the aliens were realised on set, it was either "a piece of tape or someone in a suit". "Knowing what they looked like and how they moved from the first film really helped to imagine what they would be doing," Simmonds added.

Photo credit: Paramount
Photo credit: Paramount

A Quiet Place Part II is finally out now in US cinemas and comes to UK cinemas on June 3, with previews taking place on Bank Holiday Monday (May 31).

Simmonds is already keen to "jump back into this world" for a potential third movie ("it would be an honour"), but for now, she's keen for fans to enjoy their second visit to the world of A Quiet Place.

"I would love for people to be able to try and forget, just for a couple of hours, everything that we've gone through the last year and just be able to enjoy themselves. Go on this journey with this family and leave feeling hope," she concluded.

A Quiet Place Part II is out now in US cinemas and is released in UK cinemas on June 3, with previews on May 31.

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