Exclusive: Shazam 2 star Helen Mirren's costume impacted her going to the bathroom

Shazam 2, or Shazam! Fury of the Gods to use its proper title, is out later this week, expanding on the first film by having Billy Batson and his super-powered siblings fight against some celestial foes.

Legendary actress Helen Mirren has joined the sequel as Hespera, one of the daughters of Atlas, and you'll have seen in the trailers and pictures that she looks suitably regal in her intricate costume.

The fact that her outfit is physical, rather than CGI, though, did lead to a few, erm, toilet issues when filming.

"Well, the funny thing was, it was incredibly heavy," Mirren exclusively told Digital Spy. "I had the heaviest costume, it was something like 40, 50 pounds of stuff on me.

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"But it was all stuck on with Velcro. Every piece went on with Velcro. I think we counted something like 35 separate pieces stuck on with Velcro. And so when I took it all off, it was like [Velcro ripping noise]."

"Or when she was going 10-one," interjected Athena actress Rachel Zegler, referring to the walkie-talkie code of going to the bathroom.

"Going 10-one was really difficult!" Mirren exclaimed, while Kalypso actress Lucy Liu added: "We were like bathroom camels."

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We've also been speaking to other members of the cast ahead of the film's release, with plenty of interviews to come out this week. Right now, you can read and watch our chat with Ross Butler, where he geeked out about starring in a project alongside some majorly famous co-stars.

Meanwhile, the first social media reactions from those who have seen the film before its release have dropped, and you can find out what people thought about it right here.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods has a cinematic release date of March 17, 2023.

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