Expendables 4's brutal new trailer confirms R rating

Expendables 4 has released a brand-new trailer, and it wants you to know that this sequel is rated R.

The franchise, which brings together loads of action movie stars to go on testosterone-fuelled missions that usually involve punching things and/or making them blow up, hit a wall when the third film was rated PG-13, which upset fans and contributed to a weaker box office than the first two.

Now the fourth film is going back to the R rating, meaning it can include a lot more violence and swearing, which the trailer is only too happy to show off.

sylvester stallone, expendables 4

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The voiceover, provided by legendary trailer narrator Red Pepper, poked fun at the reception the third film received and told fans that the filmmakers have been listening, before showing us some bloody fight scenes, language that would shock your grandmother, and some pretty brutal kills.

There's also a bit of plot in there, but we all know that the stories of these films are just excuses to get Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and the rest of the gang together for some explosive fun.

50 Cent is one of the new actors joining the series, and he's not afraid to take a pop at the marketing, joking on Instagram that he feels the poster designers "ran out of money" when it came to his character.

jason statham and curtis jackson, expendables 4

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Meanwhile, Stallone is actually set to exit the franchise after this fourth entry, as he explained in an on-set video: "It's time to be moving on. This will be my last day, so I'm enjoying it but it's always bittersweet, you know.

"When something you've been so attached to, I guess it's been about 12 years, and I'm ready to pass the baton on to Jason [Statham] and his capable hands."

The Expendables 4 is released in cinemas on September 22.

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