DC's TV shows and films have just crossed over for the first time

Ben Arnold
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    The part I loved about this was where they were complimenting each other's suit. Saying things like the movie costume looks really safe and that the show costume looked super comfortable.
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    Would have been a good opportunity to give Ezra long hair and show him in the speedforce on his way to see Bruce in BVS. Either way it is pretty cool they were able to keep that a secret until now.
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    shaun s
    The only thing mind-boggling about seeing them side-by-side is how much better looking the TV series costume is than the movie version.
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    They made the Hall of Justice. And showed the Green Lantern Corps. It was worth it to give a little advertising to the DCEU. I might even watch one of their movies now.
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    Imagine what these CW producers could have done on the big screen DCEU with movie budgets
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    Those in charge of DC's tv program/universe needs to be hired for the DCEU.
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    Crisis was a nice finale to the Arrowverse for me. Green Arrow was great for 3 seasons, Flash for two, Supergirl was good for two seasons. But now it's all Riverdale with costumes. And Legends doesn't even rise to Riverdale quality. I had a small ray of hope...then the giant Beebo reminded why I hate this version of the Arrowverse so much.
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    A ray of hope in this dark abyss of DC. YESSS, keep going!!!
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    Saying it blew my mind would be an understatement. I've never yelled as loud as I did today.
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    Do a Justice League reboot but keep Ezra, Victor, Diana, and Aurthur. Bring in Pattison as Bats, and Welling as Superman. Blame the DC shows for the character differences and try again. I'd be down for it