Fake "Gay Disney Movie" Hoax Fools The Internet

The recent ‘news’ that Disney were in the production stages of a new animated film called ‘Princes’ has been debunked, or, more specifically, read again more carefully to realise it was a joke.


In an article published on satirical site Amplifying Glass, the piece claimed that the animation giants behind the likes of ‘Beauty and the Beast, ‘The Lion King’ and more recently ‘Frozen’ and ‘Big Hero 6’ were adapting the Jeffrey A. Miles kids book titled ‘The Princes and the Treasure’.

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Set in the fantasy land of Evergreen, the plot revolves around two Princes, the undefeated champion Gallant and shy bookworm Earnest, who team up to save Princess Elena; a damsel who has been kidnapped.

The two heroes set out to save the day, but end up falling for each other, which is quite different from Disney’s traditional ‘Prince rescues Princess; Prince kisses Princess; both live happily ever after’ formula.

The story caught fire online and had been shared over 60,000 times on Facebook and has over 300 comments, with many believing the details — regardless of the site’s disclaimer that it reports news from a satirical angle — to be genuine.

But could Disney one day make it happen?


With many deeming the subtext of ‘Frozen’ to have gay undertones and for Elsa’s freezing powers to be a metaphor for concealing her lesbianism, it’d be a really interesting move by Disney if they were to go ahead with it at some point.

With a strong focus on heterosexuality being ‘the norm’ throughout their filmography, the idea of gay Princes would be a great message to implement into the fairy tale genre. Sure, it’d come under scrutiny and criticism from some corners (notably traditional and religious types), but it could be just what the Once Upon A Time formula is in need of.

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Picture credits: Disney, Handsome Prince Publishing