Family awake to find their cat has dragged a live duck through the catflap

Staff writer
Cat brings duck through catflap

This video captures the moment a family awoke to discover their cat had dragged a live duck onto the landing - and had to shoo the startled animal out the window.

Two-year-old Slippers managed to pull the bird through the cat flap of the family home in Carshalton, south London, and drag it up the stairs.

Marcus Elliot-Square, 47, was downstairs getting ready for work at 6.30am when his startled wife Claire phoned him from the landing.

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At first it appears the duck is dead - but it suddenly bursts into life and flaps into the bedroom as Claire shrieks in panic.

Marcus, an operations director, then calmly opens the window and the lucky duck hops out to freedom.

He said: "I was downstairs early doors getting ready for another work day whilst in isolation. I received a phone call from my wife who was upstairs saying that she thought our cat Slippers had caught a duck.

"Now, Slippers has got previous for pigeon rustling and catches on average a mouse every two days. So, in light of this I picked up my phone thinking that if this was indeed the case, I needed evidence.

"I still thought it was a wind up as I started up the stairs. The rest is history."

Marcus' daughters Charlotte, 12, and Georgina, 10, were in their beds at the time and were woken by the drama.

He hopes the video - shot on Thursday March 26 - will bring some light relief during the coronavirus crisis.

Marcus added: "I'd like to donate some of the proceeds (after Slippers has been treated to something more appropriate) to charity to support the Emergency Workers who are doing so much for us and need a bit of cheering up."