Canadian game show contestant's epic 'chicken' fail on $10,000 question goes viral

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Canadian game show contestant's epic 'chicken' fail on $10,000 question goes viral

A contestant’s wrong answer and premature happy dance has been dubbed one of the most “iconic gameshow moments ever” after going viral this week.

The Canadian version of gameshow Family Feud, which works in the same format as Family Fortunes, saw contestant Eve Dubois get a seemingly simple answer so wrong she had the whole audience in stitches.

In a ‘sudden death’ round against fellow competitor Logan Tomlin, the pair were asked one question with over $10,000, almost £6,000, going to the person that gets it right.

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Contestant Eve Dubois realises she got it wrong. Photo: CBC

Host Gerry Dee said the question was “real simple”, but it turns out, not so for a clueless Eve.

“Name Popeye’s favourite food?” he asked.

Hitting the buzzer almost instantly Eve shouted, “chicken” before breaking into a happy dance. Almost instantly the audience burst out laughing, along with the host and a giant red cross on screen signified her answer was definitely incorrect.

Logan quickly buzzed in with the correct answer - spinach - as the question was about iconic cartoon character Popeye the sailor, not the popular North American fast-food chain Popeye’s.

“I thought you meant Popeye’s chicken,” Eve said in response, trying to shake off the mistake with another dance.

Of course, the hilarious mishap went viral with plenty of people sharing their amusement on Twitter.

Photo: Twitter

And it wasn’t all bad with the actual fast-food chain Popeye’s getting wind of Eve’s incorrect response, offering her a consolation prize of $10k worth of chicken.