A fan accidentally stole this pop star's priceless ring

Tove Lo has the best fans in the business.

Adriana Villareal wears Tove Lo’s ring. (Photo: Twitter/Tove Lo; Twitter/Tony Myers)

Last week, the singer made her final stop on her “Lady Wood” tour in Houston, and the show ended up being even more emotional than she had planned. The next day, she tweeted out a call to action for fans who were at the concert. And you in the crowd who pulled my blue ring off my finger – it was my grandmothers and would mean the world to me if I can get it back,” she wrote.

The tweet received almost 100 responses — including one from the holder of the ring. The fan, Adriana Villareal, responded, “I have it!!! I swear it was an accident, i was just trying to grab your hand!! Ill give it back to you.” 

Villareal also tweeted out a selfie to try to attract the singer’s attention.

Others reached out to help get the star’s attention. “HEY MY FRIEND HAS YOUR RING!!” wrote Tony Myers on Twitter.

Tove Lo and Villareal then exchanged messages on Instagram.

And on Wednesday, the star got her heirloom back.

“Can always count on you guys,” she wrote. Other fans weren’t so thrilled.

With the ring back with its rightful owner, Tove Lo can officially end her tour on the happy note she had planned on. As she wrote to describe the concert: “this is a drunk post and I love everyone.”

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