Fan-made live-action ‘Nausicaä’ film earns big praise from Japanese viewers


Brazilian director Chris Tex’s live-action adaptation of Hayao Miyazaki’s “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” film has garnered praise from Japanese viewers.

About the adaptation: The 16-minute short film, titled “Wind Princess,” was released on Tex’s official YouTube channel on Oct. 25. The film offers a stunning live-action interpretation of Nausicaä’s opening scenes, with Jessica Freytag playing the iconic heroine. Tex emphasizes that the film’s purpose is to pay homage to Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli.

“This is not an official licensed product,” Tex wrote in the film’s description. “This independent non-profit short film is entirely self-funded and was made in Brazil as a tribute to the great artist Hayao Miyazaki, who has always been an inspiration to me. We are not a large company. Rather, we are a group of friends who have been working on this project for almost 7 years, fueled only by our love of the art. The film is free of charge, as our only aim is to pay homage to Mr. Miyazaki and the entire wonderful team at Studio Ghibli.”

In the adaptation, Nausicaä can be seen trekking through sand and entering the Toxic Jungle. She is also captured coming across the shell of an Ohm, a gigantic, trilobite-like creature specifically made to represent a new ecosystem for the story.

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Reactions of viewers: The fan film has since garnered praise from Studio Ghibli fans, particularly from many Japanese viewers who demonstrated a strong appreciation of the film in the video's comment section. Viewers were impressed by the faithful rendition of Miyazaki’s classic and the accurate portrayal of Nausicaä’s unique world.

"Truly amazing. With enough funding, this could easily be mistaken for a work produced by Studio Ghibli. Above all, I felt the love and respect for 'Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.' I hope Hollywood and Disney take a look at this footage. They often lack respect for the original creator and tend to appropriate adaptations for their personal gain," one person commented.

"It is quite difficult to make a live-action version of an anime, so it is really wonderful that it was created as a work that didn't feel out of place and was probably close to the image that everyone had in mind," another commented.

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"It's a short film, but the world view is fully expressed, and it's meticulously crafted, with the lack of dialogue adding to the experience. People from distant lands have brought a Japanese masterpiece back to life over time. Thank you," said one commenter.

"Truly, truly amazing! The faithful recreation of the impressive opening of the film was heartwarming. I only know Japan, so I'm ashamed of my ignorance, but I'm deeply moved to know that there are people outside Japan who love Nausicaa so much. Thank you for this wonderful visual work!" one commented.

About “Nausicaä”: Released in 1984, “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” follows protagonist Nausicaä, a princess who explores a toxic jungle created after an apocalyptic war in the hopes of forging peace between its inhabiting mutant insects and humankind. While the film was produced ahead of the creation of Miyazaki’s animation company, it is generally considered as a Studio Ghibli work, being released as part of the Studio Ghibli Collection DVD and Blu-ray range.

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