Fans continue to clamor for viral ‘If We Ever Broke Up’ song to be released

Musical artists everywhere should understand by now that posting music to TikTok is essential and a great way to get eyes on their music.

That’s exactly what happened to Mae Stephens (@maestephens_). The 19-year-old singer-songwriter posted a snippet of her song “If We Ever Broke Up” in late December 2022. The video went viral, gaining over 900,000 views and over 126,000 likes. Although a breakup song, “If We Ever Broke Up” is upbeat, funky and has playful synths throughout the song.

She’s posted numerous videos about the song since the December video, with several garnering over 2 million views. Since then, fans have been clamoring for Stephens to release the song.

“Right. I heard this. loved it. Found your profile. Went to Spotify. it’s not there. Crying,” commented @emjunwin.

TikTokers have fallen in love with the song, using it in the background of myriad videos. Right now, Stephen’s original sound has over 24,000 videos under it.

Fans have been pushing Stephens to release the song before the hype dies, comparing her to Grammy-nominated artist Sam Smith. Before Smith’s “Unholy” was released, it was a viral TikTok song. Smith was in the same situation as Stephens, with listeners clamoring for the song’s release on streaming services. However, Smith released the song nearly a month after the song went viral.

After Stephens posted an update on the song a week ago, the comments began to warn the content creator about losing momentum.

“Girl you’re starting to Sam Smith and I love this song so don’t want this to be the case,” said @jennareily2 under the update video.

Stephens still hasn’t released the song. She currently has 145,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and two released singles.

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