Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Dissecting Moneyball's legacy and the best Philip Seymour Hoffman movies

Yahoo Sports Fantasy Staff
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As Major League Baseball inches closer to a return to the field, we're taking a quick break from our usual focus on fantasy baseball for a class on sports films and baseball history.

Yahoo's Scott Pianowski and Andy Behrens recently watched Moneyball, the Michael Lewis book turned Aaron Sorkin film about the 2002 Oakland Athletics and its General Manager, Billy Beane. It's worth your time if you haven't seen it, but there is a lot the book and film get wrong about the team and the time in baseball. (05:03)

Though the season that inspired the book is nearly 20 years old, its legacy can still be seen in current-day baseball, with every shift of the infield, the depreciating value of relievers, and reliance on empirical data to evaluate players. (31:37)

And in honor of Moneyball and Art Howe (hope you're feeling better Skip) who gets portrayed unfairly in the film, we wrap up the show with a friendly snake draft of our favorite films starring Philip Seymour Hoffman. (45:53)

Art Howe overlooks the field.
Art Howe overlooks the field.

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