Fast and Furious 7 car wishlist

James Thompson
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Fast and Furious 7 car wishlist

Audi R8

If there's one thing the Fast And Furious series has come to put on display it's some truly stunning cars. Whether they be American muscle, exotic or simply under-the-hood belters, each film has presented a range of automobile treats and I'm sure 'Fast And Furious 7' will be no different.

Unsurprisingly, no details of the future cars on offer have been released as yet but you can put your pink slip on it that incoming director James Wan will seek out some real treasures to showcase. Possibly some of these cars could make the list.

Aston Martin Virage / Vanquish

An Aston Martin recently cropped up in the latest film in the series and is undoubtedly a British icon in the world of sports cars. With this year's Virage boasting 0-60mph in just over 4 seconds, it makes for an ideal car to be featured in the next film. Alternatively, the 2014 Vanquish, with an all-new chassis may prove to be a car of choice for Wan.

Audi R8

Audi thrust into the sports car market with some gusto with the R8 and, after the 'Iron Man' films used it as Tony Stark's key motor of choice, it has propelled to mass popularity. You can just see one of the 'Fast and Furious' crew taking it as their own and putting pedal to the metal for a frantic film sequence.

Dodge Challenger SRT Barracuda

Rumoured to be the next-generation muscle offering from Dodge, the new Challenger set for 2014 would be the perfect companion for one Dominic Toretto. His love for muscle cars means Dom only seeks the best and what better than a lean, mean muscle machine set for unleashing upon the roads of Tokyo and the Middle East.

Fisker Atlantic

A car set for release next year, little is known about the Fisker Atlantic but you can be sure that it will prove an inspired choice on screen with its slick look and undoubted power.

Nissan GT-R

Brian may have a penchant for the old school Skyline but with us heading to more recent times he could well do with an upgrade in the form of the Nissan GT-R. Hitting 0-60MPH in less than 3 seconds it is a beast of a car that looks at stunning as it is rapid on the tarmac. Just imagine some of the pulsating races this beauty could be part of.

Above are simply just a few possibilities for future cars in the franchise and no doubt James Wan will have some idea of what he wants to feature for yet more stunning races and exotic sights.

What would you like to see in 'Fast and Furious 7'?