Fast and Furious 7 cast and crew racing to Abu Dhabi next

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Fast and Furious 7 cast and crew racing to Abu Dhabi next
Fast and Furious 7 will race on the streets of Abu Dhabi

Universal Pictures and the Abu Dhabi Film Commission have announced today that filming on 'Fast and Furious 7' will begin in Abu Dhabi tomorrow November 8th with stunt footage and visual effects being taken care of before the stars arrive in January. Attracted by the unique locations the city has to offer, 'Fast and Furious 7' is the latest in an increasingly long line of Hollywood blockbusters that have filmed in the United Arab Emirates and its two major cities; Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

This news comes after it was reported that filming is currently occurring on the streets of Atlanta this month with cars set to race the streets at night in order to capture footage for another thrilling 'Fast and Furious' chase scene.

Visual effects and stunts

First up, Universal are moving in their units to work on the stunt work and visual effects for the film. As is always the case with a film of this size and particularly with what fans have come to know, love and expect from their favourite fast car franchise, this will be a huge undertaking and the stars will not be required on location. The team are expected to secure 'helicopter shots, stunt footage and a variety of visual effects work' before stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and more arrive for their close ups.

Cast and crew

Atlanta is not going to be getting all the fun of playing host to the big stars of the franchise and Diesel and company will descend upon Abu Dhabi early in the New Year. After extensive filming in and around Atlanta between 80 and 120 members of the cast and crew will hit the big city in order to film at some iconic landmarks and on the dazzling streets of Abu Dhabi. Expect some seriously intense street scenes and some stunning scenery in great tradition of this franchise that has already taken fans to Tokyo and Rio among many other cities.


A huge Hollywood production such as 'Fast and Furious 7' will of course bring big benefits with it. Noura Al Kaabi, Chief Executive of twofour54 who will be acting as the local producer of the film said: "Universal Pictures' Fast & Furious franchise is known for its legacy of shoots in amazing locations. Following the enormous success of Fast & Furious 6, it's great that Abu Dhabi has been selected for this latest film, not just because this will be the biggest movie to be shot in Abu Dhabi to date, generating substantial international media exposure for the Emirate, but also because of the huge amount of local investment and work-experience opportunities for young Emiratis that a Hollywood blockbuster of this scale brings. This is a wonderful opportunity for Abu Dhabi's growing film talent to acquire new skills."

Are you excited to see 'Fast and Furious 7' hit a new city?

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