Fast and Furious 7 will use Paul Walker footage

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Fast and Furious 7 will use Paul Walker footage
Paul Walker will appear in Fast and Furious 7

COMMENT | Fans of the 'Fast and Furious' franchise have been eagerly awaiting news on what will happen to 'Fast and Furious 7' after the tragic death of star Paul Walker. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that writer Chris Morgan is hard at work revising the script in order to hopefully be able to write Walker's character Brian out of the franchise but still be able to use some of the footage that has already been filmed.

Over the last week or so, some have been saying that real footage of Walker's crash should be used but thankfully this has mostly been ignored by anyone in their right minds. The issue of tastefully writing Walker out of the script is an altogether trickier and more challenging matter that will need to be dealt with sensitively.


Fans of the franchise are mostly incredibly keen to see Walker back on screen one last time. Despite his tragic death in a car crash, he was synonymous with fast cars and action movies and it would be a shame if he did not get one last shot at dazzling audiences with his looks, charm and personality. 'Fast and Furious 7' should make a fitting tribute to the star if it is handled sensitively and if Morgan's script can make the most of the footage shot already. Brian O'Connor will hopefully get the send off he deserves and then fans will be very happy and undoubtedly Universal will also be pleased.

Stand in

There have been talks of using a stand-in to be able to shoot more scenes that would have featured Walker. Along with some digital trickery, this could allow the writers the opportunity of having extra scenes with the character but without the need of Walker. It's risky but it has been done before with the likes of Brandon Lee and Oliver Reed. If Morgan wishes to use the existing footage of Walker, then some kind of closure that was not originally in the script will have to be written and shot. They could have Brian off screen for the departure but wouldn't that be a little unsatisying?


Shooting was set to commence the day after Walker's death after a short Thanksgiving hiatus but then had to be postponed indefinitely. Although up to 60% of the film had been shot, Walker still had many important scenes to film. The cast and crew have all been understandably shocked by Walker's death and will no doubt be grateful that they were not immediately called back into work straight after receiving the shocking news. However with Morgan working on the script, no doubt under the watchful eye of director James Wan and the producers, filming could begin again as soon as January. Filming was expected to start in Abu Dhabi in January but whether this will still go ahead is unclear. Universal are holding on to the July 2014 release date but whether that will be realistic will soon become clear and almost completely depends on how quickly Morgan can find a solution to the tragic problem of Paul Walker's death.

How would you like to see Paul Walker's character written out of the franchise?

Pete is a cautious fan of the Fast and Furious films and hopes that the franchise stands a chance of survival even after the death of one its best loved stars. Follow Pete on Twitter or check out his film and TV blog: I Love That Film.

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