Fast X adding credit scene with a mystery guest cameo star

vin diesel as dominic toretto in fast x
Fast X adding credit scene with mystery cameo starUniversal

Fast X's upcoming release date means we're getting more and more news about the movie — and this next bit of info is pretty tantalising.

In a new email to subscribers, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Vin Diesel is currently filming a "button or tag" (IE a mid-credits or end-credits scene) that will feature "a guest cameo".

The publication kept schtum after that, but this drop of information will undoubtedly get fans excited for what's to come and get them guessing as to who the mystery guest cameo star is. Our guess is as good as yours.

vin diesel as dominic toretto in fast x

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The movie has already confirmed a ton of previous stars returning for the flick, including Michelle Rodriguez.

Tyrese Gibson and Sung Kang also return to their roles, while Diesel hinted that more stars could return, too, including Tego Calderón and Don Omar.

The movie will also feature a surprise connection to Fast Five, which was released in 2011. Director Louis Leterrier recently explained the connection to that movie

vin diesel, fast x

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"[Fast Five] is easily the best movie of the franchise. It's the greatest. That chase with the safe, it's the greatest moment in cinema history, so we were like, 'Let's Rashomon this scene,'" Leterrier said.

"'What if we experience this scene through the eyes of Reyes, the guys who the safe belongs to, and Dom and Brian are the thieves that kill them?'"

Fast X is the 10th movie in the action franchise (not including Hobbs & Shaw, however) and will be the first half of a two-part installment. The 11th movie will serve as the conclusion to the series and Fast X will, appropriately, end on a cliffhanger to lead into that finale.

Fast X releases in cinemas on May 19, 2023.

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