Father with Alzheimer's stuns daughter with reaction to pregnancy news: 'I have a big secret'

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A father’s reaction to his daughter’s pregnancy news has got TikTokers deep in their feels

Olivia Salza shared the emotional moment her 63-year-old father Joe, who has Alzheimer’s, heard the news about her pregnancy. Salza struggled with infertility for three years so it was no small occasion. The family from Fairfield, Conn. learned of Joe’s diagnosis when he was 55 years old. 

Salza’s touching video earned over 1 million views on TikTok. The daughter was visiting her father in the hospital on the big day. She started by asking her father if he recognized her. He joked and pretended that she was her husband Nick, but he knew exactly who she was. 

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“I have a big secret for you,” Salza told Joe. “I’m pregnant” 

Joe immediately started to cry and covered his face with his hand. 

“Oh my god. You got your own,” Joe told Salza’s husband Nick who was going to be a father for the first time. “What he doesn’t know — of the cradle of that person.” 

“What you’ve done for me my whole life,” Salza said, her voice broke with tears.

“But that’s what we do,” Joe responded

Salza told In The Know she wasn’t expecting this kind of emotional response from her dad. 

“I didn’t expect his reaction to be like this only because three days prior I had to bring him to the hospital because he was wandering outside and didn’t know who he was, or who I was,” she said. 

Salza said that after finding out the news, “he talked more to my husband about the joys of being a dad.” But like with most people with Alzheimer’s things aren’t always linear. 

“My dad has some days where he remembers that I am pregnant, some days he does not,” she said. 

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