Favreau and Downey Jr. to reunite on 'Chef'

Robert Downey Jr. is set to reunite with 'Iron Man' director Jon Favreau for an independent production of the comedy "Chef'.

Favreau is both writing and producing the film which will be financed by Aldamisa along with their finance partner Mark Manuel's Kilburn Media. The movie not only features Downey Jr. but stars Favreau himself and, according to the director "follows a man who loses his chef job and starts up a food truck to reclaim his artistic promise, while simultaneously reclaiming his estranged family."

The film also features Sofia Vergara, John Leguizamo, and Bobby Cannavale.

It was Favreau, who lobbied to have Downey Jr. cast as Tony Stark in 'Iron Man' at a time when his stock in Hollywood was at a low ebb.

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'Chef' will be the director's first big screen project since 2011's 'Cowboy & Aliens'.

Production is due to start on July 8.