FDA Issues Alert for 6 Brands of Ground Cinnamon Due to Elevated Lead Levels

Plus: A seventh brand is voluntarily recalling its own cinnamon product.



Earlier this week, the FDA announced that it was expanding its investigation and “taking several additional steps to address concerns about elevated lead levels in cinnamon [powder] following the recent incident associated with certain cinnamon applesauce pouches that resulted in lead poisoning in young children.”

The applesauce brands in question were recalled in a widely publicized effort as early as October last year. But the agency reiterated that ever since the incident, it has been looking into the source of contamination: ground cinnamon, which is not marketed toward children but used as an ingredient “in foods that consumers may make and serve to children.” It also said that it was testing for chromium.

In its most recent report, the FDA identified six brands, and consumers are advised to check their cinnamon for the below details:

Brand: La Fiesta
Retailer: La Superior Supermercados
Lot Number 25033

Brand: Marcum
Retailer: Save A Lot
Best by Dates: Oct. 16, 2025 and April 6, 2025

Brand: MK
Retailer: SF Supermarket
No lot number or best-by date provided

Brand: Swad
Retailer: Patel Brothers
Lot number: KX21223

Brand: Supreme Tradition
Retailer: Dollar Tree and Family Dollar
Best-by Dates and Codes: Sep. 29, 2025 (09E8); April 17, 2025 (04E11); Dec. 19, 2025 (12C2); April 12, 2025 (04ECB12); Aug. 24, 2025 (08A); April 21, 2025 (04E5); and Sep. 22, 2025 (09E20).

Brand: El Chilar
Retailer: La Joya Morelense in Baltimore
Lot Numbers: F275EX1026 and D300EX1024

According to the FDA, the six brands had lead levels ranging from 2.03 to 3.4 parts per million. And it should be noted that these levels are much, much lower than the levels found in ground cinnamon from Ecuador’s Negasmart, which supplied the ingredient to apple purée and applesauce manufacturers last year. Those levels ranged from 2,270 to 5,110 parts per million — and there is currently an active investigation regarding the matter.

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And in a separate announcement from this week, the FDA announced that Florida-based El Chilar Rodriguez is voluntarily recalling 127 cases of its branded El Chilar ground cinnamon (canela molida) — also due to elevated lead levels. The affected product was distributed by La Raza LLC and bears two lot codes: D300 EX1024 and F272 EX1026.

“Historically, lead chromate has been illegally added to certain spices increase to their weight and enhance their color, which increases the monetary value of the adulterated spices,” the agency wrote. “FDA’s leading hypothesis remains that this was likely an act of economically motivated adulteration.”

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