Felicity Jones: Leia bikini wouldn't work in modern Star Wars

Ben Arnold
Jones... doesn't reckon Leia's space bikini would fly today - Credit: Disney
Jones… doesn’t reckon Leia’s space bikini would fly today – Credit: Disney

Since Carrie Fisher appeared chained to a giant space gangster and forced to wear a suggestive brass bikini set, there’s been much debate over whether the move sits right with modern audiences.

And now Felicity Jones, who is leading the new ‘Star Wars’ spin-off movie ‘Rogue One’ has said that it most certainly doesn’t.

Asked whether the choice to put a female character in that position today would fly, she told the Press Association: “I don’t think so. It depends on the story you’re telling I guess.

“I think in this Jyn might have got a bit cold – giving away nothing.”

Fisher has since been vocal on the matter too.

During an interview between her and ‘The Force Awakens’ star Daisy Ridley for Interview magazine last year, she said: “You should fight for your outfit. Don’t be a slave like I was.

(Credit: Lucasfilm)
(Credit: Lucasfilm)

“You keep fighting against that slave outfit.”

Jones went on to talk about the tone of the forthcoming movie, which finds her character Jyn Erso recruited as a rebellion spy to steal the plans to the Death Star, the plans that help the X-Wing squadron, including Luke Skywalker, destroy the Imperial space station in ‘A New Hope’.

“It’s most similar to Empire Strikes Back in that there’s a quest at the heart of it and it’s very much rooted in a parent-child relationship,” she added.

“Jyn’s had a bit of a struggle in life. She’s a little bit more of a hardened character. She knows who she is, she’s knows where she’s come from, she’s quite streetwise.”

(Credit: Disney)
(Credit: Disney)

A handful of media folk were invited to see the first 28 minutes of the movie at George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch in California over the weekend.

And the initial reactions are most encouraging.

The movie, directed by Gareth Edwards and also starring Riz Ahmed, Mads Mikkelsen, Diego Luna and Ben Mendelsohn is out on December 15.

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