Fey, Streep film 'fallen apart'

1 October 2012

Tina Fey has revealed that her planned comedy with Meryl Streep has "fallen apart".

In 2010 there were reports that the 30 Rock star and the Oscar-winning Hollywood actress were set to shoot a film called Mommy And Me together, but Tina has now told Entertainment Weekly that it looks unlikely.

"It seems to have fallen apart for now," she said.

The star said of the film: "It was this thing at Sony called Mommy And Me and the script went through a lot of permutations and almost got made, and then didn't... It was [about] a woman who loses her job and has to move home with her mother... The script didn't really come together."

She confessed it was disappointing that the project didn't get off the ground, but added: "Sure, but it's also something that you want to come together correctly.

"All the parties involved were a dream - Stanley Tucci was involved too [as director]. I would definitely still want to do something with all parties."

And it seems Tina hasn't entirely given up her dream of making the film with Meryl and Stanley, as she added: "Sometimes movies come back together."

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