Field Of Dreams And Bull Durham Vet Kevin Costner Celebrates MLB Opening Day With A Heartfelt Salute To Baseball

 Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams.
Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams.

Kevin Costner starred in three of the best baseball movies out there -- Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, and For the Love of the Game. Whether he’s building a baseball field in his cornfield or has a bat in hand, this talented actor has felt the love of baseball through the characters he’s played. Now, Costner is showing his love for the sport by giving a heartfelt salute to America’s pastime on Major League Baseball's opening day.

Baseball movies can be incredibly inspiring to watch, especially if it involves an underdog team making it to victory. They can also make you laugh through bits like the one involving a bunch of misfits on a Little League team like in The Bad News Bears or the reminder that “There’s no crying in baseball” in A League of Their Own. It’s clear that Kevin Costner really felt the love of baseball starring in his three films centering around the game, so much so that he took to Instagram to give a heartfelt message to the sport on MLB's first day back:

I get asked a lot if baseball is important to me. The short answer: Yes. The long answer: There is something beautiful and poetic about this great American pastime. That it returns every year and gets our hearts racing like we haven’t experienced it all the year before. I just love it. Happy Opening Day, fellow baseball fans.

The Yellowstone actor makes an excellent point. It is very poetic that every time baseball returns, our feelings for the game are the same as they were last season. Then when spring comes again, the crowd goes just as wild as the last season all revved up to watch the game they love. The MLB has been around since 1903, and the crowd still roars to see their favorite team out on the field. It’s no wonder Kevin Costner loved starring in his baseball-themed films.

Kevin Costner isn’t the only baseball fan out there psyched about MLB Opening Day. You can check out his Instagram post below of him posing with John C. Reilly in For the Love of the Game and all of the comments from baseball fans touched by the actor's message.

It’s understandable how the baseball movies Kevin Costner starred in could help him love the sport of baseball. Through his movies, not only did we see the bases loaded with bats swinging in the air, but we also saw how baseball can help people connect.

The JFK actor used Field of Dreams to connect with his fans and his family. In 2014, Costner, his family, and the rest of the cast from one of the best sports movies reunited in an Iowa cornfield to relive the memories of the beloved film. In 2021, the Golden Globe winner returned to the iconic film site for an MLB event that allowed him to play catch with his son. Just like his characters were touched by baseball, the Oscar winner clearly felt the same thing in real life.

MLB Opening Day is a great time for baseball fans like Kevin Costner to “root for the home team” and embrace the excitement of seeing your favorite sport make its return. If you don’t want the fun of baseball to stop once the games are over, you can watch Field of Dreams and Bull Durham with an Amazon Prime subscription. Then, make sure to look at our 2024 movie releases to see what other sports films are making their way to theaters this year.