Fighting dinosaurs pop into MSNBC anchor's frame

Will Lerner
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

NBC News chief White House correspondent and MSNBC daytime anchor Hallie Jackson was discussing taxes on Thursday when a few creatures older than Congress dropped into the background of her shot — dinosaurs. OK, they weren’t really dinosaurs, but rather three people dressed up in inflatable costumes.

Reporting live from West Palm Beach, Fla., Jackson discussed the viral moment with her colleagues on Today and Morning Joe. “What can I say?” she asked Willie Geist. “That was a weird moment yesterday. I didn’t know until the commercial break. … All of the sudden I’m in Jurassic Park and I’m like, ‘Where is Jeff Goldblum?’”

Jackson made more references to the ’93 classic on Twitter:

Jackson went on to explain how her producer bravely approached the wild dinos. “We’re doing a pretty serious segment,” she said. “[My colleague was] like, ‘Can you please just give us a moment?’ And so the dinosaurs very nicely exited stage left. I don’t know if they’re coming back today.”

Bad lip-reading Donald Trump dominates the internet:

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