Film Academy Decides Netflix's Original Films Will Still Be Eligible At Oscars

Daniel Welsh

The Academy has spoken, and films made exclusively for streaming services will still be recognised at the Oscars.

For the past few months, there’s been much debate in the entertainment industry about whether films made for platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime should be recognised at the Academy Awards, with some key figures arguing that they discouraged people from going to the cinema.

The issue has since been put to a vote, with the Academy ruling that streaming platforms’ films will continue to be eligible for Oscars, so long as they are also released in cinemas for a minimum of seven days.

The Oscars will continue to represent films from streaming platforms

In a statement, Academy President John Bailey said: “We support the theatrical experience as integral to the art of motion pictures, and this weighed heavily in our discussions.

“Our rules currently require theatrical exhibition, and also allow for a broad selection of films to be submitted for Oscars consideration.”

The debate around whether these films should be Oscars-eligible gained particular attention earlier this year, when Netflix original Roma was among the top nominee at this year’s Academy Awards.

Roma scooped a hefty 10 nominations in total, taking home Best Foreign Language Film, Best Cinematography and Best Director for Alfonso Cuarón.

Yalitza Aparicio, Marina De Tavira and Alfonso Cuarón were all nominated for their work in Roma at this year's Oscars

Last month, Netflix issued an impassioned statement defending their work, in a tweet posted on the Netflix Film account.

They said: “We love cinema. Here are some things we also love…

“Access for people who can’t always afford, or live in towns without, theaters… letting everyone, everywhere enjoy releases at the same time… giving filmmakers more ways to share art. These things are not mutually exclusive.”

A week earlier, the company had shared a video featuring Orange Is The New Black actress Uzo Aduba and Oscar nominee Yalitza Aparicio, which praised the way they have been able to increase representation of minorities in both their TV shows and films.

Upcoming films on the streaming platform include Ava Duvernay’s When They See Us and The Irishman, a new film from eight-time Academy Award nominee Martin Scorsese.