Film blogger's misjudged Mandela tweet prompts parody

Post from Nikki Finke, the founder of Deadline, inspires hilarious #FinkeObits hashtag.

There are many ways to honour the life of one of the most inspirational people of our times, but one film blogger's attempt to contextualize the passing of Nelson Mandela by pointing out that a biopic of his life is attracting awards buzz, backfired last night on Twitter.

[Hollywood reacts to Mandela's death]

You can read the offending tweet from Nikki Finke, the no-nonsense Hollywood columnist and feared founder of Deadline below...

It was an odd way to mark such a momentous news event, even for a Hollywood reporter, and it prompted Twitter users to create the #FinkeObits hashtag and craft more misjudged tributes. Check out some of our favourites below.

Finke later defended the tweet, saying:

Once called the "most feared, despised, and uncompromising journalist in Hollywood", Finke founded influential film blog Deadline in 2006 but quit earlier this year after a high profile spat with her boss Jay Penske, who purchased the site for a reported £8.5m.