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The Best Original Netflix Movies to Watch Right Now, According to Film Critics

There are plenty of Netflix Original Series that we can't stop watching (Hello Ugly Delicious!), but sometimes you only want to commit to something for two hours. Lucky for us, Netflix has quite the extensive collection of movies. Its seemingly endless supply of films include heart-wrenching dramas, nostalgia-filled teen movies, and terrifying horrors. And just when you think you've seen it all, you stumble across another category of movies on Netflix. So if you're overwhelmed with the choices (we get it) or don't want to spend your precious time on the weekend scrolling from one genre to the next, use this list of Rotten Tomatoes' top movies as your guide.

Netflix has a great collection of older movies, but lately, its original films have been the most-buzzy and talked about movies around. However, not all Netflix movies are created equal. We went straight to the top of the Tomatometer, which pulls scores from Hollywood's most sought-after critics, to find 20 of the best Netflix Original Movies to add to your queue. And hey, some of the features in the top spots might even surprise you.