The final Beauty and the Beast trailer is here and it's magical

Ben Arnold

The lavish final trailer for Disney’s live-action remake of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ has landed.

And there’s the most footage yet of ‘Downton Abbey’ star Dan Stevens’ beast, not to mention the reimagining of the film’s theme tune by John Legend and Ariana Grande (originally sung by Angela Lansbury, of course).

There are packs of wolves, dazzling set designs, CGI renderings of Lumière (Ewan McGregor) and Cogsworth (Sir Ian McKellen), and villagers with flaming torches lead by Luke Evans’ blusterous Gaston, chanting ‘kill the beast!’.

Belle (Emma Watson) comes to realize that underneath the hideous exterior of the Beast (Dan Stevens) there is the kind heart of a Prince in Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, a live-action adaptation of the studio’s animated classic directed by Bill Condon. (Credit: Disney)

The clip premiered in the US last night, showing how Emma Watson’s Belle ends up falling for her hirsute captor.

Also on the bill of director Bill Condon’s recreation of the Disney classic are Kevin Kline as Belle’s inventor father Maurice, Jash Gad as La Fou, and Emma Thompson as Mrs Potts.

So far, it’s looking like it could be very big business indeed for Disney, with the first full trailer from back in November breaking the record held by ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ for online views, amassing 127.6 million in a single day.

It’s due out on March 17 across the UK.

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