First full trailer for Richard Ayoade’s The Double (exclusive)

Jesse Eisenberg stars opposite Jesse Eisenberg in the new film from the IT Crowd star.

Are you haunted by your own doppelgänger?

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re your own imposter? Or that someone else is taking all the credit for your hard work?

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These questions and many more are asked in ‘The Double’, the off-centre new comedy directed by Richard Ayoade, known to many as uber-nerd Moss from Channel 4’s 'The IT Crowd’.

As you can see from the exclusive first full trailer above, ‘The Double’ is as idiosyncratic as his first film ‘Submarine’, and features Jesse Eisenberg (’The Social Network’) in the lead dual roles of Simon James and his nefarious doppelgänger James Simon.

Eisenberg was recently announced as Lex Luthor for the 2016's Man of Steel sequel, tentatively titled Batman vs Superman, but as you can see, he still has a good mop of hair for this.

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Australian actress Mia Wasikowska (‘Alice In Wonderland’) plays his colleague Hannah, the object of Simon’s affections, who falls for his double James when he mysteriously turns up for work in the same office.

Of course, his double is more confident, more charming, and seemingly better in every way, which can only spell trouble for poor Simon.

’The Double’ also features ‘Submarine’ alumni Noah Taylor, Yasmin Paige, Craig Roberts and Sally Hawkins, alongside veteran thesp James Fox and Wallace Shawn, whose voice you may recognize as Rex in ‘Toy Story’.

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With its retro-future stylings, rhythmic hypnotic soundtrack, and odd-ball performances, ‘The Double’ looks (and sounds) like Wes Anderson having a Terry Gilliam-inspired nightmare.

Oh, and it’s based on the Dostoyevsky novella of the same name. A heady combination indeed.

‘The Double’ is coming to UK cinemas on April 4. Watch the film's first teaser trailer below.