First look: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' trailer

Mark Lankester
Yahoo UK Movies News

The first trailer for J.J. Abrams’ Trek sequel ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ is here, and for want of a better word, it’s pretty dark.

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Benedict Cumberbatch’s as yet unnamed villain (rumoured to be Khan) commandeers the trailer with imposing narration as the action focuses on a reign of destruction and impressive visual effects.

“You think your world is safe?” Cumberbatch tells us: “It is an illusion - a comforting lie told to protect you. Enjoy these final moments of peace….”

Speaking about his character to, the Sherlock star said: "He is very ruthless. He is not a clearly good or evil character. He is a villain, but the actions he takes have intent and reason,"

"He is a complicated character not to be judged by white-or-black, or good-or-evil. But this is the appeal of J.J.'s works and I felt challenged as an actor."

All we get to see of Chris Pine’s Kirk and Zachary Quinto’s Spock are fleeting shots of wide-mouthed shock. The good ship Enterprise looks like it takes quite a battering too.

J.J. Abrams’ first Trek movie in 2009 grossed £240 million at the box office and was a huge critical success. It completely rebooted the stale franchise and spawned the next generation of ‘Star Trek’ fans (excuse the pun).

But, as Cumberbatch said: “I know the second one will become far-bigger in scale.”

'Star Trek Into Darkness' hits out screens 17 May 2013.