First look: Optimus Prime redesigned for Transformers 4

New-look Autobot hero accompanied by two mystery vehicles.

A new-look Optimus Prime has been snapped on the set of Michael Bay’s upcoming ‘Transformers 4’, accompanied by two mystery Autobots - but who are those robots in disguise?

The on-set snaps, published on Bay’s own website, lead with an impressively redesigned Optimus Prime (billed by the director as “completely upgraded,” and “custom-built”), up against the undeniably epic backdrop of Monument Valley, on the Arizona/Utah boarder where the movie is currently shooting.

Accompanying the flame-licked leader though are two unknown Autobot vehicles. OK, they’re just “cars” right now – but it’s got us pondering which mechanical characters they could become? There’s more than meets the eye, remember.

Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse... Robot in disguise? (Credit: Michael Bay)
The mystery production pics show the “classy” looking black and blue Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse, worth an estimated £1.6 million, and what Bay calls a “special race-inspired” electric green C7 Corvette, which we’re guessing ain’t cheap either.

Custom-made C7 Corvette... More than meets the eye? (Credit: Michael Bay)
The unveiling of the new Autobots comes a week after rumour site JoBlo reported ‘Transformers 4’ would feature a cast of new robots, revived from the original animated series.

Rumoured reappearances included Deceptacon bounty hunter Lockdown, the colossal Unicron (amazingly voiced by Orson Wells in the 1986 movie), and even the bizarre Dinobots - Transformers who took on the guise of prehistoric beasts, just to keep with the inconspicuous thing. Yeah, we’re not sure about that one either…

Meanwhile comedian TJ Miller has been added to the slightly more fleshy cast, joining good guys Mark Wahlberg and on-screen daughter Nicola Peltz, whilst Kelsey Grammer is going all Sideshow Bob as lead human villain Harold Attinger.

Who do you think the unknown Autobots could be? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

‘Transformers 4’ is out in the UK June 2014.