The first look at canceled Game of Thrones spin-off emerges five years after filming

 Ophelia and House of the Dragon.
Ophelia and House of the Dragon.

An untitled Game of Thrones series starring Naomi Watts was greenlit and then surprisingly canceled in 2019. Now, five years on, we’ve finally got the tiniest of glimpses from the production of the first-ever Game of Thrones spin-off.

Hair and makeup designer Flora Moody posted a selection of shots on Instagram from her time working with Watts on her character’s look during filming.

"This is a chance to play with shape, proportion in the wig. To see how the makeup reads on film. To work together to find the character that portrays the director's vision. Collaboration is KEY! This was an unaired Game of Thrones prequel that I shot 4 years ago with the wonderful Naomi Watts," the post reads.

Alongside it are multiple shots of Watts on set, wearing a golden dress and standing near a mural depicting a warrior on a chariot. You can see them for yourself below.

The Game of Thrones spin-off was expected to be set thousands of years before the mainline series and would have featured Kick-Ass writer Jane Goldman serving as showrunner. The pilot was directed by S.J. Clarkson, who is set to release Sony’s Madame Web on February 14.

After its cancelation, Deadline reported that "re-editing of the initial cut" was required after it was "not well received".

Game of Thrones hasn’t had the best history with spin-offs. House of the Dragon, an undoubted success, is returning for a second season this summer – but a handful of others have either been canceled, changed, or stuck in pre-production.

Case in point: Nine Voyages, based on the adventures of the Sea Snake Corlys Velaryon, has moved from live-action to animation. The Golden Empire, a Dunk and Egg adaptation, and a Jon Snow sequel have all been in various stages of recent development, while a Flea Bottom show was canceled in 2021.

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