First look at Dev Patel in new horror movie Rabbit Trap

Dev Patel posing with his award at 70th BAFTAs
First look at Dev Patel in new horror movieGetty Images

Slumdog Millionaire and The Green Knight actor Dev Patel's new film Rabbit Trap has dropped a first look.

The horror film recently wrapped up production in Wales, and this first image is definitely giving rural spooky, as Patel is seen in the woods learning concerned by something off-screen, as he takes his headphones off.

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So what's the film about, then? Well, it's set in 1973 and follows a married couple who are both musicians, Daphne and Darcy Davenport.

The duo have decided to move from London to a cabin in the middle of nowhere in Wales, as they want the piece and quiet to finish their new album.

During their recordings, they accidentally capture a strange sound that's never been heard by human ears before. That's when a strange child turns up, and they start to film their world colliding with the supernatural.

Production company SpectreVision boss Elijah Wood (yes, that Elijah Wood) said in a statement: "Bryn [Chainey]'s vision for Rabbit Trap artfully fuses the world of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop with authentic Celtic Faerie lore to create a mythical marriage story that unfolds in a sonic landscape.

"It's an utterly unique vision from an important new voice in cinema that we’re privileged to be a part of."

Dev Patel posing with his award at 70th BAFTAs
Getty Images

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Chainey serves as writer and director, with this serving as his first feature film after a handful of shorts. Experimental musician Lucrecia Dalt, who received a lot of critical acclaim last year, serves as composer, alongside sound designer Graham Reznick and sound supervisor Brent Kiser, who worked on last year's X and Everything Everywhere All at Once, respectively.

Meanwhile, in the last few days, Olivia Colman was announced to be starring alongside Patel in the film Wicker, which sees a small, conservative town rocked by an unconventional relationship.

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