First look at EastEnders star Zack Morris's debut movie role

zack morris, jericho ridge
First look at EastEnders star's debut movie roleStrike Media

A first look at EastEnders star Zack Morris's debut movie role in Jericho Ridge has been unveiled in a trailer.

The actor was first announced for the thriller back in 2022 following his exit as Keegan Butcher-Baker on the BBC soap.

Jericho Ridge follows a deputy sheriff called Tabby (Nikki Amuka-Bird) who is left alone in a remote sheriff's office one night as her colleagues go on patrol, though it quickly becomes clear that they've been set up by a murderous drug cartel.

nikki amukabird, jericho ridge
Strike Media

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Tabby must then fend off a siege at the office, while also protecting her son Monty (played by Morris).

The trailer teases a tense thrill ride, with plenty of gunshots ringing around as Tabby tries to survive. We also get a sense of her relationship with Monty as she declares in one moment of desperation: "I can't protect you, Monty."

He then reassures her: "All you've ever done is protect me."

Alongside the trailer, it has also been confirmed that Jericho Ridge – which comes from writer and director Will Gilbey – will hit UK cinema screens on April 25, before a digital release on April 29.

zack morris, jericho ridge
Strike Media

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Morris spoke to Digital Spy back in 2022 as he was filming the project, teasing: "It's a really cool job and a really cool film – it's a survival thriller and there's a lot of action, a lot of grit, there's all kinds of stuff thrown into one.

"It's based in America and it's really cool. I flew out here 10 days after finishing EastEnders, so when I tell you I've barely had any time to sleep I mean it. I never expected this though."

He added: "Of course, when you leave any long-running show like EastEnders, you have to get back out there and audition so I've been doing that for a long while and fortunately one of them came off. I am really proud and really happy about it."

Jericho Ridge will be released in UK cinemas on April 25, and on digital on April 29.

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