Get your first look at the starter decks and rules for Star Wars: Unlimited

 The Spark of Rebellion Star Wars: Unlimited set on a background of stars
The Spark of Rebellion Star Wars: Unlimited set on a background of stars

Details for the Star Wars: Unlimited starter decks, including quickstart rules on how to play the game, just dropped.

Dubbed 'Spark of Rebellion,' the starter pack contains two sets of cards that are designed to lead you through the basics of the game. Led by Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, these two 50-card decks (with three of most cards) show off a range of abilities that'll help newcomers get the hang of Star Wars: Unlimited - while still being approachable.

From the sounds of things, Spark of Rebellion is much like a Magic: The Gathering starter set (which is understandable, seeing as it's one of the best card games). Along with the two beginner-friendly decks, there's a quickstart guide and two boxes to carry your cards. However, there's also a key difference - there will be cards in this pack that you can't get anywhere else. You also get 40 counters, and two playmats.

We've not had a full breakdown of all the cards in each deck yet, but after sitting far too close to my screen, I was able to work out what the back of the box said in the promo video. So far as I can tell, they are as follows:

Spark of Rebellion cards

Luke deck

  • Luke Skywalker (x1)

  • Administrator's Tower (x1)

  • 2-1B Surgical Droid (x1)

  • R2-D2 (x3)

  • C-3PO (x3)

  • Rebel Pathfinder (x1)

  • Alliance X-Wing (x3)

  • Restored ARC-170 (x2)

  • Leia Organa (x3)

  • Rogue Operative (x1)

  • Fleet Lieutenant (x3)

  • Wing Leader (x1)

  • Yoda (x1)

  • Cloud City Wing Guard (x1)

  • System Patrol Craft (x1)

  • Auzituck Liberator Gunship (x1)

  • General Dodonna (x1)

  • Snowspeeder (x1)

  • Chewbacca (x1)

  • Vigilant Honor Guards (x1)

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (x1)

  • Han Solo (x1)

  • Resilient (x1)

  • Luke's Lightsaber (x3)

  • Shoot First (x1)

  • Repair (x2)

  • Asteroid Sanctuary (x2)

  • Surprise Strike (x2)

  • Waylay (x2)

  • Vanquish (x3)

Vader deck

  • Darth Vader (x1)

  • Command Center (x1)

  • TIE-LN Fighter (x2)

  • Death Start Stormtrooper (x3)

  • First Legion Snowtrooper (x2)

  • Admiral Ozzel (x1)

  • Admiral Moti (x3)

  • Snowtrooper Lieutenant (x2)

  • Viper Probe Droid (x2)

  • Admiral Piett (x1)

  • Superlaser Technician (x3)

  • Cell Block Guard (x3)

  • General Veers (x1)

  • Grand Moff Tarkin (x3)

  • Imperial Interceptor (x3)

  • TIE Advanced (x1)

  • Gladiator Star Destroyer (x1)

  • Emperor Palpatine (x1)

  • Blizzard Assault AT-AT (x1)

  • Relentless (x1)

  • Vader's Lightsaber (x3)

  • Recruit (x1)

  • Force Choke (x1)

  • Resupply (x1)

  • Open Fire (x3)

  • I Am Your Father (x3)

  • Maximum Firepower (x1)

  • Overwhelming Barrage (x1)

Alongside these details, we also got a better look at how the game actually works - a PDF version of the quickstart rules were just released. You can check them out here, or get a walkthrough of how the system works via this official Star Wars Unlimited blog post.

Unfortunately, we don't have a price for Spark of Rebellion or a release date beyond a vague '2024' launch window. As soon as we hear anything else, you'll be the first to know.

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