First pics of Shia LaBeouf looking bald and unrecognisable playing his own father

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Shia LaBeouf in Honey Boy (Credit: People/Backgrid)
Shia LaBeouf in Honey Boy (Credit: People/Backgrid)

News of Shia LaBeouf playing his own father in a new movie was strange enough, but now we have pictures too.

Sporting a balding mullet, side burns, round specs, work dungarees and some high-vis tabard action, here is the 31-year-old actor on the set of Honey Boy.

The movie is said to be a ‘loosely autobiographical’ account of LaBeouf’s childhood, in which a young child star attempts to build a relationship with his alcoholic and drug-addicted father.

Honey Boy was apparently the nickname his father Jeffrey used for him as a child.

(Credit: People/Backgrid)
(Credit: People/Backgrid)

Playing the young LaBeouf is Noah Jupe, fresh from his breakout role in sci-fi horror A Quiet Place, while Oscar-nominated Lucas Hedges will also play him as he grows older.

LaBeouf has spoken about his turbulent relationship with his father in interviews, saying that he remembers going to 12-step meetings with him to combat his alcohol use between his work at Disney on shows like Even Stevens.

“I was going to the Alano Club with my dad,” he told Esquire in March. “That was my daycare center. Then I’d go to work. That was my whole life.”

(Credit: Entertainment Weekly/Backgrid)
(Credit: Entertainment Weekly/Backgrid)

He has also revealed that his veteran father, who was addicted to heroin too, once pointed a gun at him in during a Vietnam flashback.

He added that during his own time in rehab in 2017, he was encouraged to talk about his dad.

“You keep talking about it. You keep bringing it up, acting it out, thinking about its smell. Every which way you can get to it,” he went on.

“And a lot of my s*** has to do with my relationship with my dad. That dude is my gasoline.”

The movie is being directed by Alma Har’el.

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