First trailer for The Flash and Avatar stars' new sci-fi thriller

actor robbie amell in stimulant movie
Trailer for The Flash and Avatar stars' new movieYouTube

A trailer for new sci-fi thriller Simulant starring The Flash's Robbie Amell and Avatar's Sam Worthington has landed, and fans are in for an action-packed AI adventure.

Set in a world where humans cohabitate with human-like AI robots, the trailer opens up with Evan (Robbie Amell) looking lovingly at his wife Faye (Fast & Furious' Jordana Brewster) as they set out for the day in their car.

Their tender moment is cut short as the car is involved in a fatal car crash.

The trailer cuts to Evan waking up in bed, seemingly like nothing has happened, but we soon learn that he is now a humanoid AI hybrid.

simulant, robbie amell, jordana brewster
WANGO / Telefilm Canada

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Determined to win back his widow, he enlists a hacker to remove all restrictions on his thoughts and capabilities, triggering an AI uprising.

On his journey to reunite with his wife and try to become his former human self, he finds himself in an all-or-nothing battle with government agent Kessler (Sam Worthington).

Kessler wants nothing more than to stop the rise of the machine consciousness, but will he be able to stop Evan and any other humanoids who get in his way?

simulant, robbie amell
WANGO / Telefilm Canada

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In just over two minutes, the trailer fits in fight scenes, gun battles, elaborate chases, and AI tech, all while teasing a love story.

Simulant also stars Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings and Barbie actor Simu Liu, Killjoys' Mayko Nguyen and The Legend of El Cid actor Alicia Sanz.

simulant, simu liu
WANGO / Telefilm Canada

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Simulant is directed by April Mullen, who previously directed several episodes of Legends of Tomorrow, a spin-off of The Flash and is written by Ryan Christopher Churchill.

Simulant is yet to receive a UK cinematic release date but opens on April 7, 2023 in the US.

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