First trailer of Ender's Game lands

The first trailer for forthcoming sci-fi adaptation 'Ender's Game' has arrived, featuring a radical look for veteran actor Sir Ben Kingsley.

Kingsley plays maverick, half-Maori commander Mazer Rackham in the film, which finds the world at war with an alien race which has attacked the Earth.

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Adapted from the best-selling 1985 book by Orson Scott Card – and it's follow up 'Ender's Shadow' – it stars 'Hugo's Asa Butterfield as Ender Wiggin, a prodigious strategist who is fast-tracked to Battle School in the International Fleet in the hope that he can defeat the invaders and save the human race.

It also stars Harrison Ford as Colonel Hyrum Graff and Hailee Steinfeld as Ender's friend and fellow student Petra Arkanian.

The original novel has spawned a series of follow ups, giving the potential for producer Summit Entertainment to ape the success of other teen sci-fi franchises like 'The Hunger Games'.

It's due out on October 25.

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