First trailer for Stranger Things and Sex Education stars' horror movie

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Stranger Things and Sex Ed duo in horror trailerVertical

Stranger Things and Sex Education cast members collide in the first freaky trailer of the upcoming horror movie, All Fun and Games.

Headed up by Natalia Dyer (as Billie) and Asa Butterfield (Marcus), the movie centers on a bunch of teenagers in Salem who agree to stay at home and play a game instead of going to a party.

That's when a demon knife appears, and their night spins into horrific chaos.

all fun and games official trailer

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Possessed by the weapon, which he's used to carve an 'X' into his forehead, Marcus challenges his pals to a game of hide-and-seek.

"It only ends when he wins..." they're warned, as the evil spirit picks them off one by one in the darkness.

Can these terrified teens turn from hunted to hunters? Well they better try!

natalia dyer and laurel marsden in all fun and games trailer

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All Fun and Games is an AGBO production, with Avengers directors Joe and Anthony Russo helping out behind the scenes.

They said in a joint statement when the project was first unveiled: "Through Gozie Agbo, we strive to mentor and cultivate daring new voices; Ari [Costa] and Eren [Celeboglu] are the epitome of next-generation filmmakers.

"We've had the privilege of watching Ari grow in all facets of filmmaking through our work together over the years and, most recently, at AGBO. We are so proud to support him and Eren in their feature directorial debuts."

Fellow producer John Zois added of its two main stars: "Asa and Natalia are perfect for the film and with the guidance of Joe, Anthony, and AGBO, there is no question this is going to be a fan-favourite."

All Fun and Games is scheduled for release in US cinemas on September 1, but the UK release date has not been confirmed yet.

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