Get fit the 'Star Wars' way with lightsaber coreogrpahy classes

Ben Skipper
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Get fit the 'Star Wars' way with lightsaber coreogrpahy classes
Fitness geeks get to grip with the lightsaber classes

'Star Wars' fans looking to get fit have signed up for lightsaber choreography classes in San


Students wave neon-lit lightsabers around the classroom to the tunes of classical music and, naturally, tunes from John Williams' iconic film soundtrack.

The Golden Gate Knights class is run by Alain Bloch, who has a background in martial arts and stage combat.

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The geeky class was found and reported on video by Associated Press.

Dressed as Luke Skywalker Bloch warns his students to "a lways be mindful of the presence" as he teaches manoeuvres from the film series' famous duels.

Julio Reyes, who attends the class told AP, "At first they giggle because they think it's a little silly. Then they're like, actually that's kind of cool."

The classes have a dark side however, with some of those attending dressing up as Sith lords. Gary Ripper, who dressed as Darth Vader for a class said, "I just love Vader, period.

"Just his voice, the way he moved, the power of him. I just liked the powerfulness of him."

Could we finally have a male Zumba-equivalent?