Five TV shows to put you in the mood for autumn - including Over the Garden Wall

We have officially arrived at the time of year where the nights grow long and the weather worsens.

But Autumn provides us with the perfect excuse to stay inside, tucked up and watching television. Here are five of the best shows to get you in the mood for the season.

Over the Garden Wall

It may be a children’s cartoon, but this whimsical fairy tale has become a cult classic with 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. Over the Garden Wall’s beautiful animation perfectly captures the feeling of a cold, dark autumn evening as we follow two brothers, one voiced by Elijah Wood, lost in the Unknown woods and trying to find their way home. It’s an excellent family watch, though it may be a bit scary for younger children.

Gilmore Girls

A sitcom which needs no introduction, whether it is Stars Hollow, Rory and Lorelai’s warm mother-daughter relationship, the noughties fashion or the constant flow of coffee, for many Gilmore Girls is the ultimate show to watch in autumn.

Twin Peaks

It doesn’t matter that Twin Peaks technically takes place in winter, the drizzly weather and copious amounts of time spent in diners and drinking coffee invoke feelings of autumn. Considering the show begins with the murder of a teenager in small town America and evolves into something strange and often sinister, we wouldn’t go as far as to call it cosy, however.

Normal People

If you’re sitting down on a dark night, tucked under blankets with a warm drink to hand, consider watching Normal People. The slow burn of Connell and Marianne’s romance and the way the show explores the bright sparks and dim moments of their lives will sweep you away from reality.

A Discovery of Witches

Or, if you see autumn as a warm up for Halloween, try A Discovery of Witches. Based on the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness, this fantasy series focuses on Diana Bishop, a reluctant witch and academic, who must partner up with geneticist and vampire Matthew Clairmont to solve the mystery. Its supernatural elements are grounded by the chemistry between our main characters allowing you to escape from the inevitable dreary weather outside.